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Individual Insurance

We Take Individual Insurance Personally!

No two people or families have the same needs. For this reason, when you ask us to assist you in obtaining insurance, we go to great lengths to understand your specific requirements, so that we can customize a solution that will fit within your budget and provide you and your loved ones peace of mind in the years ahead.

Our Offerings

We can assist you in obtaining the following types of insurance:

To learn more about each type of coverage click on its link above.

Health Insurance

Individual and Family Health Plans

If you're self-employed, if you don't have access to employer-sponsored group insurance, or if your COBRA or Illinois Continuation coverage is simply too costly, you may want to obtain a health insurance policy for you and your family. The choices available to you are wide and varied, ranging from the richest of PPO plans to affordable high deductible plans that can be paired with a tax-favored Health Savings Account.

To learn more about Health Savings Accounts, click here.

When you ask us to assist you in obtaining health insurance, we search the market of quality carriers on your behalf. In choosing the carriers with whom we work, we assess their financial stability, the breadth of their coverage and provider network, their claims management performance and the quality of their customer service.

The carriers with whom we work include the following:

  • Aetna
  • Anthem Blue Cross
  • Assurant Health
  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois
  • Anthem Blue Cross of California
  • Blue Shield of California
  • Health Net
  • Celtic Insurance
  • HumanaOne
  • Unicare

Once we have gathered quotes and evaluated your alternatives, we will help you thoroughly understand your options, so that you can make an informed decision about your coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions About Individual and Family Health Insurance

Understanding the rules governing individual health plans can be a daunting task. To read the answers to frequently asked questions about individual health insurance click here.

Short-Term Medical Insurance

Get a quote, apply online and be protected as early as tomorrow.

If you're between jobs, you've just graduated and are starting out on a career, or you're working part-time and are looking for a low-cost health insurance option, a short-term medical plan may be an ideal solution for you.

To obtain a quote for short-term medical coverage and to apply for coverage online, click here.

Student Insurance

Get a quote, apply online and be protected as early as tomorrow.

Do you need to cover a student who is away from home? Consider purchasing Student Select, a low-cost plan designed to cover college students studying in a university or accredited college away from home. Click here to learn about this coverage, to get a quote and to apply online. As always, we are available to assist you or answer any questions.


Dental Insurance

Put your money where your mouth is!

Unlike medical illnesses, which can be both unpredictable and catastrophic, most dental problems are preventable. Preventive care, including regular checkups and cleanings, is the key to maintaining good oral health. With regular visits to the dentist, dental problems can be diagnosed early and treated without requiring expensive procedures.

Serious dental disease does occur, however, and when it does, treating the problem can be costly. Whether you're trying to prevent dental disease or address dental problems that have arisen, being protected by dental insurance and using it wisely are important safeguards for you and your family.

We can assist you in obtaining an individual or family dental plan from Blue Cross, HumandOne and Delta Dental.

  • Blue Cross Dental (available only when you obtain a Blue Cross Health Plan)

With a Blue Cross Dental Plan, you’ll get dental coverage on day one – with no deductible required – for check-ups, cleanings and other preventive services. Most important, costs are typically reduced when you receive care from any Blue Cross participating network dentists. However, you also have the option to see any dentist not in the network, but your out-of-pocket costs may be higher.

With BlueCare® Dental PPO, you'll get:

  • One of the highest maximum annual benefit levels available – up to $1,500 per person per year
  • Up to a 20 percent discount, up to a maximum savings of $1,000 for orthodontic services at participating dentists
For more information on coverage and benefits, view the BlueCare Dental Outline of Coverage. 

Please note: You must enroll in a BCBSIL health plan in order to enroll in the dental plan (you have up to 31 days from the effective date of your policy to enroll).

Click the Get Started button below to get a quote for Blue Cross Health and Dental Insurance.


  • HumanaOne

HumanaOne offers three dental plans:

Dental Savings Plus Discount Plan This dental discount plan delivers immediate discounts on dental care plus other services, such as vision, prescription, hearing and alternative medicine, to help you and your family live a healthier lifestyle. Your purchase of this dental discount plan includes these additional discounted services at no additional cost.
  • Does not require a dentist selection for enrollment
  • 20-50 percent discount on many in-network dental services
  • This plan is not insurance

Click here to learn more.

Dental Value Plan --(C550)
Dental Insurance


  • Requires a primary care dentist selection for enrollment
  • Most preventive & diagnostic procedures covered 100%
  • Low $10 office visit copayment
  • Even though you can pay monthly, this plan has a one year contract
  • Pre-existing conditions covered right from the start

Click here to learn more.

Dental Preventive Plus Dental PPO Insurance

  • Freedom to visit any dentist you like
  • Most in-network preventive services covered 100%
  • Additional discounts for visiting network dentists
  • Even though you can pay monthly, this plan has a one year contract
  • Pre-existing conditions covered right from the start
  • No copayments for office visits
  • $1,000 annual maximum per person per year

Click here to learn more.

Click here to learn more and to get a HumanaOne quote and apply online.


Life Insurance

A Simple Answer to a Complex Question

How will your family manage financially if you are no longer there to support them? It’s a subject that no one wants to think about. However, if you are responsible for the financial well-being of loved-ones, it's a subject that shouldn't be avoided.

Life Insurance is the cornerstone of your family’s financial security. It can ensure that, should something happen to you, you're family will be able to have the things you've worked so hard to provide - a home, a college education and the resources to live a comfortable life

We can assist you in obtaining Term Life Insurance and Universal Life Insurance. To learn more about the differences between term and universal life insurance, click here.

Choosing a Quality Life Insurance Carrier

When we help you choose the most appropriate life insurance plan, we search the market of quality carriers on your behalf. We seek coverage from carriers with the greatest financial strength and stability, since you want to be sure that the carrier will be able to pay your beneficiaries, should there be a need to do so.

The carriers with whom we work include the following:

American General Life First Commonwealth Prudential Financial
Banner Life Guardian/Berkshire The Standard Insurance
Empire General John Hancock Travelers Life
First Colony Life Insurance MetLife Transamerica
General Electric Capital Assurance Mutual of Omaha U.S. Financial
ING North American Life West Coast Life


Disability Income Protection

If you ask most people why they work, their answer won’t come as a surprise. They work to put food on the table. They work to pay the mortgage. They work to pay for their children's college education. They work to pay the ever increasing stack of bills that appear each month.

But what would happen if you were diagnosed with a severe illness or sustained an injury that prevented you from working? Would you have enough savings set aside to maintain your lifestyle and protect your family’s future? For many people, the answer is “No.”

Benefit Magic can help you determine how much disability income insurance you need and how much it might cost. You’ll then be in a position to make an informed decision about the choices available to you.

Choosing a Quality Disability Insurance Carrier

We seek coverage from carriers with the greatest financial strength and stability. As is true when choosing a company to provide your life insurance, you want to be sure that the carrier will be able to pay your claims, should there be a need to do so.

The carriers from whom we obtain disability insurance include the following:

  • Assurity Life
  • Berkshire (Guardian)
  • MassMutual
  • MetLife
  • Principal
  • The Standard

To learn what to look for in an individual disability plan, click here.


Long-Term Care Insurance

An idealist believes the short run doesn't count. A cynic believes the long run doesn't matter. A realist believes that what is done or left undone in the short run determines the long run.

-- Sydney J. Harris, Journalist

When it comes to planning for long-term care, the realist has the clear edge. None of us wants to think that we may be the victim of failing health. Yet, as life expectancy continues to increase, so does the likelihood that we will require long-term care in one form or another. To find out how likely you are to need long-term care click here.

Addressing this need in the short-run can influence your comfort and financial security in the long-run. Some people mistakenly assume that Medicare will pick up the tab, but this is not the case. The hard fact is that -- if you need long-term care -- you and your family will have to foot the bill.

Long-term care insurance can help ensure that you access comprehensive long-term care services, should you need them, without depleting your assets. We can assist you in obtaining a long-term care plan that will provide the protection you are seeking for a premium that fits your budget.

Choosing a Quality Long-Term Care Plan

We seek coverage from carriers with the greatest financial strength and stability. As is true when choosing a company to provide your life and disability insurance, you want to be sure that the carrier will be her to pay for your long-term care, should you require these services.

We can offer you long-term care insurance from the following quality carriers:

  • Allianz
  • General Electric (Genworth)
  • Guardian
  • John Hancock
  • MassMututal
  • MetLife
  • Penn Treaty
  • Prudential

To learn what to look for in a long-term care plan, click here.


Medicare Supplement Insurance

Medicare is an excellent program. Considering the long list of benefits that Medicare provides compared to the relatively small monthly premium (only $88.50 per month in 2006), Medicare coverage is one of the best bargains in health insurance today. However, while Medicare pays many of your doctor and hospital bills, it wasn't designed to pay them all. It has gaps in its coverage, some of which could be financially devastating if you became sick and didn't have a Medicare Supplement/Medigap insurance plan.

The Gaps in Medicare's Coverage

Four of the most serious gaps in coverage are:

  1. The Part A (hospital insurance) deductible of $952 per incident that must be paid when a beneficiary enters a hospital;

  2. The Part B (medical Insurance) deductible of $124 per year;

  3. The Part B Coinsurance of 20% that must be paid when the beneficiary receives Medicare benefits outside of a hospital; and

  4. Coverage for prescription drugs.

Depending on the plan selected, Medicare Supplement plans are designed to cover most of these and many other kinds of medical expenses not covered by Medicare.

We can help you obtain a Medicare Supplement plan to bridge the gaps inherent in Medicare coverage.

If you'd like to learn more about Medicare’s gaps, click here to download 2006 Choosing A Medigap Policy, a publication of the Department of Health and Human Services.


International Travel Insurance

Get a quote, apply online and be protected as early as tomorrow.

Traveling abroad can be an exciting experience. But what would happen if you or one of your family members became ill or injured while away from home? International travel can quickly turn frightening if you’re not prepared for a medical emergency. If you were injured or became ill during your trip, could you get quality treatment at an unfamiliar hospital? How would you deal with the language and currency barriers? What if the treatment you need isn’t available nearby? Who do you call?

International Medical Group® (IMG®) has developed three Patriot Travel Medical Insurance® plans to provide you and your family coverage across the globe. Each plan offers a complete package of international benefits and 24 hour availability, 7 days a week and 365 days a year for medical emergencies, evacuations and pre-certifications.

Simply click here to select the one that best fits your needs, to obtain a quote and to purchase coverage.



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