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Our Values

Benefit Magic Values Exceptional Service

We have redefined the expectations for customer service in the group insurance market. We believe that a group broker owes its clients more than just good counsel at annual renewal. We view benefits management as an integral part of what a group broker should do for its clients. For this reason, our work doesn't end when we've obtained group benefits that meet the specific requirements of your business -- it just begins. We become your benefits partner, assisting in the management of your benefits and delivering unparalleled service throughout the plan year.

Benefit Magic Values Independence and Objectivity

We are an objective and independent broker, bringing you offerings from a wide range of quality carriers. We present your alternatives fully and fairly, and are committed to working with you to determine which products are most appropriate for your unique situation.

Benefit Magic Values Absolute Integrity

Organizations are built on their reputation. Reputation in turn is built on more than just business performance. It comes from the core values practiced by the organization, and these values are defined by integrity. Of all of the goals we have set for our business, conducting business with integrity is the cornerstone of all we do. We believe that we have earned our reputation in large measure for this reason.

Benefit Magic Values Total Privacy

We believe that the health and financial information provided to us by any employer, employee, carrier, or business partner should be treated with the highest levels of privacy and security. We treat that information the way we would want our own confidential information to be treated. And we will never make your personal information available to third parties without your authorization.



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