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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does Benefit Magic do?

Benefit Magic is a traditional group insurance broker that delivers extra value to employers through the provision of unparalleled service. We deliver value in a number of ways. We help you select plans that are perfectly suited to your company’s specific requirements. We educate your employees to ensure that they are using their benefits to their best advantage. And we provide you and your employees extraordinary ongoing support. We think that you’ll agree that the Benefit Magic approach to group insurance offers a level of value and service that you never imagined possible.

2. What products does Benefit Magic offer?

Benefit Magic assists employers in obtaining group medical, dental, vision, short-term disability, long-term disability, long-term care and life insurance, as well as 401Ks, Flexible Spending Accounts, Travel Assistance Programs and Employee Assistance Programs. We assist the self-employed, individuals and families in obtaining, health, disability, long-term care, Medicare Supplement and life insurance, as well as dental, vision and prescription discount cards. We serve as a broker for most of the major insurance carriers in our market

3. In what states does Benefit Magic provide services?

Benefit Magic, LLC or its principals are licensed to do business in California, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Wisconsin, allowing us to meet the insurance needs of any group, individual or family in those states. We are also a licensed to do business in a number of other states throughout the country.

4. How does Benefit Magic save us money?

Benefit Magic saves you money by finding you benefits that represent the best value in the market, based on your requirements. We also save you money by managing your benefits on an ongoing basis. When you buy insurance through many other brokers, your costs include not only the premium checks you write each month, but also the costs of supporting and administering the plan. Consulting firm Booz-Allen & Hamilton estimates that this hidden cost of benefits is 10% of premium paid. If you're like other companies, you spend a substantial amount of time answering questions from employees, filling out forms, and handling the details of your benefits plan. In addition your employees probably waste valuable time struggling to understand their benefits. We save you money by answering your employees' questions, filling out forms when you add or terminate employees, and handling all the other details that currently make administering your benefits plan difficult and costly. We provide all of these services to you...and we provide them at no cost.

5. What if I’m comfortable with my current plans?

In that case, the upgrade to Benefit Magic's unparalleled service is simple. Benefit Magic can take over your current plans, so you’ll have no disruption at all. You’ll keep the same plans, the same carriers, the same doctors, the same hospitals, and you’ll start enjoying comprehensive benefits management at no additional cost.

6. What if my renewal doesn’t come up for months?

You don't have to wait for your annual renewal. Benefit Magic can take over your current plans at any time during the plan year, and you can start enjoying complete benefits management at no additional cost. Or, if you prefer, Benefit Magic can help you shop for new coverage.

7. What carriers does Benefit Magic represent?

Benefit Magic acts as a broker for nearly all of the prominent insurance carriers doing business in Illinois. If you’re thinking about changing carriers or plans, we can give you a true snapshot of the marketplace. And if you're happy with your current benefits plans, that's even better. We can keep you with the same carrier and the same plan, while providing you with our unparalleled service.

8. During the plan year, how does Benefit Magic help my employees?

Benefit Magic provides your employees with the help they need to understand and use their benefits to their best advantage. When new employees come on board, Benefit Magic provides them plan summaries and explains their coverage and any choices they have with their policies. In addition, Benefit Magic fills out all required enrollment forms and sends them to the employee, ready to print, sign and send to the carrier. Finally, if your employees can’t find an answer to a question online, they can contact us via phone or email at any time and we will promptly respond.

9. Does Benefit Magic respect my privacy?

Absolutely. Benefit Magic understands that the health and financial information that you and your employees provide us is extremely private. We treat your information the same way we would want our own private data treated. We will not release any of your private information to any third party with the exceptions of carriers who require your information for underwriting purposes of to maintain your enrollment status in their records. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.

10. I’ve been with my broker for a long time. How can I comfortably make a change?

The services that Benefit Magic offers give employers powerful reasons to look at a new brokerage relationship. Some of our clients that have chosen Benefit Magic as their group broker have retained their existing broker in a consulting capacity or to provide other lines of coverage.

11. Can Benefit Magic handle a company of our size?

Benefit Magic serves groups of 2 employees or more. Groups with 10 to 100 employees are particularly well-suited to take advantage of our wealth of services.


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